Guest Loyalty Program

The Forest Motel and Woodland Retreat is pleased to announce our new guest loyalty program:


The Arborist Club!

We are so grateful for all the support and rave reviews from our return guests, and it is time for us to pass some savings on to you! All guests who have stayed with us once or more in the past are eligible! 



This program will be retroactive to your past stays with us, so if you have already stayed with us in the past 15 years, you are already eligible for a discount on your next stay!

The program is quite simple, and gives guests different discount percentages depending on how many times you have stayed with us in the past.


Here is a list with the discount amounts:

Number of Previous Stays ----------- Discount amount

1 (Level 1) ----------------------------- 5% OFF

2 (Level 2) ----------------------------- 6% OFF

3 (Level 3) ----------------------------- 7% OFF

4 (Level 4) ----------------------------- 8% OFF

5 (Level 5) ----------------------------- 9% OFF

6-14 (Level 6) ------------------------ 10% OFF

15+ (Gold Club) --------------------- 15% OFF


Discounts are only eligible for individual rooms that the Arborist Members are staying in (not group bookings). If you see a rate online (in Canadian Dollars), you can screen shot this rate and send it to us, and we will beat the rate by discount associated with your member level *


You MUST make your reservation over the phone or email in order for discounts to apply. We will not apply discounts to reservations made through any online travel hosts.

Membership is transferable between yourself and your spouse, but not transferable to any other relatives.

Gold Club Arborists do not need to make deposits for their reservations.


 So, how do I sign up?

You don't need to! When you call or email to make your next booking, we will pull up your contact details to determine the number of past stays you have had with us, and adjust your rate accordingly. It's that simple!


The fine print:

*rates for price matching MUST be quoted in Canadian dollars

*in order to price match, the price you find online must have the correct date, number of nights, and room type to be applicable

*Arborist Club discounts are not applicable to group bookings, conference room rentals, or meal functions

Price Match Guarantee

If you find a better price online for one of our rooms, the Forest Motel will beat that price by $5, OR by your guest loyalty discount percentage.

In order to price match, rates must be for the same room type, dates, number of guests, and in Canadian dollars. Our price match guarantee is only available at the time of booking, the Forest Motel does not retroactively adjust booking rates.