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Updated: Feb 22, 2020

Did you know that there is a lake in Stratford? Forest Motel & Woodland Retreat owns the only 32 acre lake property in the Stratford area with acres of forest and trails, a private lake, fishing, canoeing and kayaking, outdoor grill, campfire by the lake, single and tandem bikes, cross country skis, and snow shoes. We do not charge rent on any of these amenities provided. We do not nickel and dime the customer because we are a privately owned motel & retreat centre and understand how that feels when we go somewhere ourselves. Everything is included in your stay at The Forest Motel & Woodland Retreat. You can grill by the water, bring your own food and we will help with anything you have forgotten to bring! We love to see couples, singles or families using the facilities and enjoying their time here. In the winter, if the winter conditions are just right, we are able to make an ice rink on the lake for the more adventurous outdoors enthusiasts. You can always warm up at the campfire afterwards or in your room with a mug of hot chocolate (which we also provide, by the way ;)

Also our saltwater hot tubs are a hit in the winter time! We have 4 different rooms that feature special tubs at an extra charge of $40 per night. At the chalet woodland cabins, we have private out door hot tubs on the deck overlooking the lake! One is set into the woods at the main building in a lovely queen suite and the fourth is a semi private hot tub on the deck at our B&B. Another beautiful suite features an indoor jacuzzi tub ; we call this the Honeymoon suite! For the winter months, we are continually advertising monthly specials with Chocolate trail passes and other bonus items. We have a wonderful selection of rooms and relaxing getaway packages to suit every need! Be sure to contact us for more information and seasonal specials!

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